A Glorious Day

Not Balmy, actually, quite cold but sunny and beautiful. Whitecaps on the ocean even within the reef.

Jumped in the golf cart to get lunch and await the families arrival and there they were: Hi Grandma! Hi Mom! Hugs and kisses all around in this age of COVID. The tiki Bar was crowded with my family drinking Pina Coladas, et al.  Immense pleasure sprinkled with sorrow: The UK Wagners were missing but not forgotten.

The bed in the master suite where the shortest family member is staying, namely me, is about four feet off the floor.  Denny offered to lift me onto the bed but how would I get out. I could take a running leap but I might miss.

Guest services were already on the premises because I had twice prematurely locked myself out of the safe; so I asked them to solve my predicament.  Two stools were brought in from the wrap around porch and created a lovely ladder onto the bed.   Wishing me a good night they drove into the darkness.

Ahhh! Both the huge green frog and I jumped five feet in the air!!

I almost made it onto the bed without the ladder. Should I call guest services back again?

Denny removed the errant frog and deposited him among the greenery. Disaster averted once again.

9 thoughts on “A Glorious Day

  1. So happy for you all!
    Wonderful to see family during these difficult times. Sorry the Wagner’s couldn’t make it. Enjoy the sunshine!🎄🎄🎄


  2. So glad everyone (except the UK family)made it for the celebration!! Looks like everyone is already enjoying the Bahamas!
    Happy New year to all!! Have a wonderful time.


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