The Tongue of the Ocean

Three small black dolphin, so different from the bottle nosed dolphin we see in the Indian River Lagoon, circled our boat looking for bow waves. We were looking for a safe anchorage and were as disappointed as the dolphin because we found ourselves currently aground. 

Denny there is more protection closer to shore, go further, go further, oops not that far. Dream Seeker suddenly stopped. I am afraid I may have been the cause of our escalating situation. The waters of the Bahamas are deceptively shallow. 

One hour later, with much churning up of the bottom, some rocking back and forth, a few prayers and we were afloat again just to return to the original choppy anchorage.

Leaving the dubious anchorage in the morning we set our course directly SSW. The weather reports are showing high winds and rough seas for the next few days.  Another front is upon us. No leisurely island sailing, we need to sail for a safe harborage and hunker down for three days.

Cruising directly through “The Tongue of the Ocean” depth over 10,000 feet, waves one to three, no white caps yet, we head straight south southeast for Kamalame Cay. So far the sun is shining but the sky is ominous.

I am resending the pictures from the last post because they were very askew when downloaded.

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