Guntersville, Alabama

Reminiscent of the starlit skies in the BVI, we anchored by ourselves in a delightful cove off the Tennessee river. The only difference was the type of trees lining the cove; colorful deciduous or graceful palm trees. Spectacular!

The morning calm was shattered by the launching of the dinghy. Out came the cleaning equipment and Denny found Uncle Boo’s lost but not forgotten, magic potion. Miracle of miracles, with very little effort, DreamSeeker’s mustache is gone. I love you Uncle Boo!

The Dock in Guntersville proved to be right at the edge of town. An easy walk to restaurants and shops. The weather sunny and beautiful! Faces adorned with decorative piercings, voices with engaging accents and native Indian jewelry, are all part of the local merchants street fair. Elk burgers for five dollars and genuine confederate flags sold by the families of veterans of the Civil war completed the picture. The only thing missing was music.

Coon Creek, Mud Creek, Bear Creek or Elk River, the names are as vibrant as the trees. The wind is out of the north, the weather will turn. Denny’s looking for anchorages for the next few days. 

Woolen sweaters days are here again, the skies cloudy and the air wintry. I am beginning to miss Florida, I prefer hot and humid to cold and dismal.

4 thoughts on “Guntersville, Alabama

  1. I’m glad the mustache is gone! So it’s getting chilly up there? I’m watching my NASCAR at Talladega in Alabama. It should be good weather fo the race. Looking forward to your return! Tell Denny he did a good job on the cleaning!! 😘


  2. I miss the mustache…makes Dream Seeker look mature. Looking at the trees in your should see much more color. You can’t tell me vibrant trees…& then tell me you are cold & dismal. Missing you…Meryl came back yesterday…our weather is starting to break. Tell Denny hi. And great job….so far. 😘


  3. Results of Uncle Boo’s magic potion on the ‘mustache’ looks GREAT ! !
    I removed a mustache once (with shave cream & razor) .. but, it grew back ! ? !


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